Comstock Ave. Pedestrian Safety Study

Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

Our firm was selected to study pedestrian activity along Comstock Avenue, a main thoroughfare of the campus, during commuter and event peaks times. The study area is flanked by academic buildings, residence halls and dining facilities, Greek housing, and parking facilities. Peak pedestrian and vehicular periods were identified based upon commuter travel patterns, class schedules, and Carrier Dome events. Carrier Dome events were a focus of this study due to the location of parking facilities and volume of pedestrian crossings along the entire length of Comstock Avenue. Based on apparent operational and safety deficiencies for both pedestrians and motorists, recommendations were made to focus pedestrian crossings to a few specific locations as opposed to the observed diffuse crossing along the length of the roadway. The goal was to create pedestrian “zones” where motorists can expect, and be critically aware of pedestrians.