South Plymouth Avenue Street Improvements Project

City of Rochester, Monroe County, New York

SRF & Associates was the Traffic Consultant for a team progressing a City of Rochester corridor improvement project along Plymouth Avenue from Ford Street to Barton Street. Traffic services included data collection, documentation and investigation of existing traffic conditions, traffic forecasting, network capacity analysis, and a comprehensive safety evaluation. The project included an investigation of unique treatments at the perimeter intersections to provide “gateway” features into this unique residential neighborhood which abuts and runs parallel to the Genesee River. Geometric improvements were investigated at the Ford Street intersection with Plymouth Avenue to remove a “slip-ramp” type geometry that was contributing to significant accident clusters. Alternatives included removal of the slip-ramps to provide a more compact and typical three-legged intersection, as well as a modern Urban Single-Lane Roundabout . Given the newness of this design concept, sophisticated 3D traffic modeling was created to aid in public and agency understanding of the anticipated roundabout operation. A comparative “snapshot” of the proposed real-time peak hour models is shown below. The future capacity of the roundabout was ultimately analyzed with RODEL, an interactive software package designed to aid in roundabout design.