Norton Station

Village of Honeoye Falls, NY

Our firm prepared the Traffic Impact Study for the development located in the Village of Honeoye Falls that consisted of:

    • 35 - Single family residential lots
    • 45 – Residential apartments

Access to the site was proposed via one new access point at the intersection of High Street and Norton Street, to form a new tee intersection. Local residents and Village Board members had concerns related to the positioning of the proposed access to the adjacent private drive ( Carriage Street).

We closely evaluated sight distance at the proposed access and provided the diagram below to illustrate the required “sight distance triangle” recommended by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) for safe egress from a driveway.



Our recommendations included keeping the sight distance triangle free of such things as: buildings, parked vehicles, hedges, trees, walls, and fences that would obstruct the drivers view.