Penfield Bicycle Plan

Town of Penfield, Monroe County, New York

SRF & Associates assisted in the development of a Bicycle Master Plan and associated Bicycle Facilities Improvement Plan for the Town of Penfield. The purpose of the Plan is to develop a system of priority of bicycle routes and facilities within the town to link parks, businesses, schools, existing multi-use trails and other desirable destinations both within the Town of Penfield and adjoining communities. Tasks included conducting an inventory analysis of existing traffic volumes, roadway cross sections, and high accident locations. The public was heavily involved in both collecting data on the routes as well as identifying priority routes and popular destinations. Information was compiled and evaluated to determine priority bicycle routes and to recommend improvements to enhance safety, bikability, and to encourage use of the routes by local bicyclists. Geographic Information Systems were used to develop maps depicting the existing conditions inventories, priority route locations, recommended improvements, popular destinations, and other pertinent information related to the Plan.