MCDOT/City of Rochester Safety Study

City of Rochester, Monroe County, New York

SRF & Associates was retained by FRA Engineering to develop a methodology to prioritize the high pedestrian accident locations in Monroe County. The study included obtaining data from various sources which was then integrated into a common geographical information system environment to develop a prioritization plan. This prioritization schedule is based specifically on pedestrian accident data from the 911 Call Center and school information from MCDOT. Accident location was address-geocoded using ArcGIS and a ranking criterion was then designed to guide the identification of high risk locations which will require further field investigation and an analysis of possible mitigation measures.

The purpose of this study is to develop a program that will identify specific locations where pedestrians are at a higher risk of an accident occurring. This entails identifying predictors of accident locations as a means of prevention. A major thrust of this project is to evaluate and enforce safety in school zones. A number of traffic calming practices will be analyzed for potential implementation to optimize pedestrian and student safety.