Rt 31 Hamlet of Egypt Transportation Study

Town of Perinton, Monroe County, New York

SRF & Associates was the Traffic sub-consultant for a “context sensitive” corridor planning study focused on corridor preservation, land use and access management strategies, and short and long-term transportation improvements. Contracted by the local MPO, the Genesee Transportation Council, SRF & Associates reviewed existing and future land use and transportation conditions along the New York State Route 31 in the Hamlet of Egypt. SRF & Associates developed and recommended alternatives including concepts and strategies that addressed the safe and efficient movement of vehicles traveling through Egypt and accessing side streets and property, preserve and enhance the unique cultural, historic and environmental character of the Hamlet, provided safe and pleasant space for pedestrians and bicyclists, and improve the business and aesthetic environment of the corridor. A variety of short and long-term strategies to achieve these goals were identified and evaluated.




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