Town and Village of Victor Transportation Plan Update NYS Rt 96

Town and Village of Victor, Ontario County, New York

This community has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in recent years. The community’s goal is to preserve and enhance the functional integrity of this key corridor. This roadway services major office and retail land uses and also serves as a gateway to the Finger Lakes region. This study update provides insight into the capacities of this roadway and its influence on future land use and transportation planning decision-making processes. A real-time 3D model was employed as a visual tool for comprehending actual traffic conditions. This model considers auto, transit, truck/heavy vehicle, and pedestrian traffic. Specific objectives include the identification of traffic "hot spots" that will be carefully monitored as development continues, land use strategies to reduce traffic demands at critical intersections, traffic signal improvements in the Village and in the Eastview Mall area to improve safety and mobility, improvements to the access management language for the Town Code, and the continued monitoring and judicious planning of Route 96 corridor into the future.