Village of Hilton's Main Street Circulation, Accessibility & Parking Study

Village of Hilton, Monroe County, New York

SRF & Associates led a team of consultants, under the direction of the Genesee Transportation Council, through the Village of Hilton’s Circulation, Accessibility, & Parking Study.  The purpose of this study was to evaluate the parking, accessibility, and traffic circulation needs in the downtown study area, and recommend transportation and urban design improvements for all modes of travel. This study will aid officials in advancing the Village of Hilton’s Vision Plan by addressing transportation challenges and identifying physical as well as regulatory opportunities for traffic calming concepts, gateway treatments, enhanced parking and access management, and improved pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular circulation. The process included a community-wide transportation survey as well as a Downtown Design Workshop. Existing transportation characteristics (including vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and parking) were evaluated and recommendations for improvements were provided. Some of the improvements included a redesigned municipal parking area, a Leading Pedestrian Interval at a signalized intersection as well as other intersection and mid-block pedestrian crossing enhancements, on-street bicycle lanes and off-street trail connections, a new roundabout, and other traffic calming and gateway treatments.




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